The Real Shit.

During a performance trip to Jakarta, a couple of my friends decided they wanted to try the most expensive coffee in the world. Now, if you haven’t already heard of Kopi Luwak, let me fill you in:
Kopi Luwak is a Vietnamese coffee that includes partly digested coffee cherries, eaten and defecated by the Luwak (aka the Asian Palm Civet). The civet is able to choose the good cherries from the bad, and the digestive mechanisms improve the flavor profile of the coffee beans.

Small-minded though it might be, I was grossed out by this. But…when in Rome, right? So there we were, in a little cafe in a mall in Jakarta, being served coffee made from beans pooped out by a cat. And to be honest, it didn’t taste too different from a regular, strong cup of coffee. But it made for an afternoon of hysterical laughter, cringing, scatalogical humour and memory-making.

The minute one steps into travel mode, the urge to try new things kicks in. And suddenly, eating a fried scorpion off a stick, getting on the back of a bike with a stranger who promises to take you parasailing or confronting your worst fears of height, water, speed and wildlife seems like not-so-awful an idea.

Whatever the experience – scary, funny, gross – making memories is the real shit.

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 2016.